Bodybuilding Nutrition: When do I need to add a cheat meal?

A little cheating can go a long way!

Bodybuilding Nutrition: When do I need to add a cheat meal?
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Planning your nutrition is the best way for any athlete to acheive his/her goals!

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Bodybuilding Nutrition: Q&A

When do I need to add a cheat meal?

Question: I was told by some one at my gym that I need to add a cheap meal into my nutrition program at least once a week or i won't see any good gains because you can't grow eating clean all the time. My question is what is a cheat meal and do I need one? Thomas, Reno NV

Answer: No one ever NEEDS a cheat meal, most everyone always wants a cheat meal. After getting a little more information from you Thomas we don't think you are in need of adding a cheat meal into your daily eating plan as of yet. You have only been eating a steady diet of clean food for only the past 4 months. Yeah that sounds like a long time to most but if your coming off years of stuffing your face with what ever you want and a t any time then 4 months of clean eating isn't a long time at all!

You also tell us that you have only been serious about your bodybuilding for the last 5-6 months. This is not enough time to be worried about adding in cheat meals because your just starting to settle in to your bodybuilding nutritional plan. Clean eating and hard training should be your daily activity for at least your first 18 months. Most don't realize you need this time to get rid of bad habits, form good ones, and remove allot of chemicals (food additives) plus sugar from killing your gains.

Now with that being said you can have a burger and fries when out on the town but these things should be few and far between. Your system needs to keep getting accustomed to running on clean foods before you can start skipping meals for so gorge fest at the local all you can eat. So NO scheduling of cheat meals is needed and sticking to your plan is going to move you ahead faster and farther than those going off track every week just to satisfy a craving.

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