Beginning Powerlifting

Bedrock Training: Your first Routine!

Beginning Powerlifting
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Beginning Powerlifting training with the foundation program that has help hundreds get off on firm footing!

Larry Pacifico squatting circa 1979....

When you first start lifting most want to training each and everyday and I wasn't any different then everybody else. It was only when I joined a my friend lifting at the neighborhood rec center did I first see some one lifting what I thought was a staggering amount of weight(It was a 315Lbs bench press). He made those plates rattle as he bounced the weight off his chest rep after rep after rep. I just stared like a zombie, as I thought I want o be able to do that. So I started going to the Base gym (USAF Brat - Very proud of IT!) and workout out every day of the week.

I was hooked on trying to lift as much weight as I could each and every workout. It didn't matter what the lift was, squat, bench, deadlift, military presses, I was pushing up as much weight as I could each and every time. Then one day when my dad dropped me off on a Saturday morning there was an event going on. As I signed din at the desk to workout I could see the basket ball court was covered with black mats and people were walking around setting up weights and benches and racks on the mats. They were setting up for a powerlifting meet and had Larry Pacifico coming in to speak as a guest lifter(Oh yeah this was back in 1977). The meet was at noon so I had a couple of hours to workout before coming back to watch.

When I got back to the weight room I saw many people I had never seen before training. I started doing my regular workout was getting ready for my first heavy set when on of the older guys working out asked me a question about my workout. All I remember was this person standing in front of me with arms and forearms the size of tree limbs saying something about bench pressing. My form was a disaster, legs moving weight bouncing off my chest for momentum, and arching as high as the sky to do anything to complete that rep. He took me out to the lifting stage where the competitors were going to lift later and showed me how to bench press correctly, I also learn how to squat and deadlift the same day. I soaked up as much information as I could from anyone that would talk to me that day. I always returned to the first person who help me that day asked was this right or was this true, or is this how you do this. I came to know him by his first name as Jack as he was to be stationed on the base for 6 months for training before shipping out. He helped train me for those 6 months also helping design what has to be the best new comer powerlifting workout that works every time. I alway go back to this routine after a lengthy law of or recovering form injury.

Beginning Routine: First 6-8 Month


  1. Squats 4 sets 10,8,8,6
  2. Deadlifts 4 sets 10,8,8,6
  3. Bench Presses 4 sets 10,8,8,6
  4. Barbell Bent Rows 3 sets of 10,8,8
  5. Military Presses 3 sets 10,10,10
  6. Skull Crushers 3 sets 10,8,8,6
  7. Barbell Curls 3 sets 10,8,8,6
  8. Standing Calf Raises 3 sets 12,12,12
  9. SitUps(Crunches) 3 sets 25,25,25

:: I used this routine everytime I come back after a long layoff and it always kicks my body back into gear. ::

Intermediate Routine: 6 Months to 2 Years



Wednesday - OFF



Saturday - OFF

Sunday - OFF

These 2 workouts programs did wonders for my strength and muscle mass. I bench pressed 355Lbs, deadlifted 495Lbs and squatted 505lbs all as senior in highschool. Jack did leave after his six months on base for training but kept writing me through the military mail system until I graduated from highschool. I always give beginners these two routines be they a powerlifter or bodybuilder because I learned that it doesn't matter what you'll become you won't get anywhere if your core or foundation isn't constructed in basic fundamentals.

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