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Micronized Creatine Micronized Creatine
Faster Absorption & More Efficient!

"DID You Know"
Micronized creatine is the only formof creatine to have science backing its improvement over that regular creatine, because it's the same just smaller!


What is Micronized Creatine?

This technology sets a new standard for creatine monohydrate supplementation by actually producing creatine 'micro-particles' that are 20 times smaller than regular creatine powder.

Micronized creatine has numerous advantages over regular creatine monohydrate.

Faster Absorption: Micronized Creatine's smaller particle size means quicker digestion and faster utilization.

More Efficient: 20 times more total surface area for greater uptake into the bloodstream.

Greater Purity: Micronizing creatine produces a more pure creatine. By increasing the total processing steps and purification procedures, AST's Micronized Creatine yields a finished product substantially more pure. Test it. We challenge you.

Mixes Easier and Better: Micronized Creatine has 20 times more surface area. Greater service area means easier, faster and more complete mixing.

No Stomach Upset: Regular creatine monohydrate sits in the gut longer. This causes discomfort to many users. Micronized Creatine goes into solution better and leaves the gut quicker causing no stomach upset.

Better Results: New Micronized Creatines offers 2000% more particle surface area for better utilization, better uptake, and faster results.


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