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Forget the old days of sugar loaded gainer that pack on more fat than muscle, todays gainers are serious lean mass gainers that help pack on clean muscle mass!


What are Weight Gainers?


If you're a young athlete trying desperately to gain size, or if you're an aspiring football player who needs to get big to make the team, calories are important. No, they're crucial! Finding The right weight Gainer to deliver those calories without sending you to the Fat Farm is also important. That's because the calories should come primarily from protein and low-glycemic index carbohydrates, which feed muscle and store muscle glycogen energy rather than get converted to fat. Try comparing that to a fast food meal, or your favorite ice cream sundae. Plus, most of todays weight gainers tastes delicious, just mix them in milk and you will be on your way to more size and strength.

Who needs it and what are some symptoms of deficiency?

Anyone looking to add body mass. Most football players, wrestlers and any athlete engaged in a physical sport or competition that happens on a regular basis can benefit greatly from a quality weight gainer. The extra calories and added nutrients will help keep you strength levels high while maintaining a health competition weight!

How many calories should you consume?

The amount of weight gainer that you take really depends on how much weight do you want to gain and how fast is your metabolism. Most hard gainers tend to have very fast metabolisms. This make it hard for your to gain mass. With the calorie density of todays gainers you should be one your way to more mass in no time. As with most protein powders extremely high doses of weight gainers (for that matter any protein) is not recommended, as this will cause the body's digestive (stomach) and cleansing (liver) process to be overloaded and you won't get any extra benefits from the overindulgence.

Most hard training athletes wanting to gain weight often consume one shake after training and another in between meals during the day. This regime add an extra 1000-1500 calories a day to your diet. This works out to roughly 7000-10000+ calories added a week, this will make even the hardest gainer grow.

Find the RIGHT Gainer For YOU!

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