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Becoming Mr. Olympia Becoming Mr. Olympia
All in the Genes #2!
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Becoming Mr. Olympia

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“The point being emphasized is that even the best developed bodybuilders past and present have difficulties and genetic differences inherent in themselves,...”

The genetics of 8 time Mr. Olympia are not those of the average person.

In our first installment - Mr Olympia: Genetic Freaks we talked about the very basic thing of Can you grow the amount of muscle required for you to be Mr. Olympia. Allot of people emailed us about that and some were really convinced that it was all just about how much you could afford in Gear determined if you get to the top. They are so very wrong because as you will learn in the next paragraphs that all the gear in the world won't get you to the top without having the right parents.

Now if you look around you can find pictures of some past Mr.Olympia that would suggest that they got all their size from drugs or some other nefarious means. You must remember in some of these countries allot of these young people didn't have youth sports that required them to get bigger than average. In the US we have way more youth sports and are exposed to physical training at a much younger age than most countries and with this abundance the pool of athletes greater those that respond more are pushed up faster. If they go into bodybuilding or not they know that they respond to training more than the average Joe and that is where it all begins.

Sergio Oliva Mr. Olympia 67-69 - This is bodybuilding genetics to the extreme!

Now don't get us wrong, this doesn't mean that other countries are behind. If you look at pics of Dorian Yates when he was younger you see and try to judge him against what he would accomplish would be very hard. As he progressed in his commitment to weight training he found that his body responded well above those around him and was a ~225 Lbs. 1988 1st Heavyweight British and overall Champion, with in 8 years. NO GEAR!! That does not happen because of drugs, that happens because of GENETICS!

In todays competitive bodybuilding world everybody is looking for this or that edge to get them over the top. To get there it might just be that you have to dial it back and go basic. Genetics can get you there if you have them but without the work their just wasted potential. We will be talking about potential in our next installment.

Final Point Repeated!!!

The point being emphasized is that even the best developed bodybuilders past and present have difficulties and genetic differences inherent in themselves, yet they don’t let this stop them, and even overcome many of them.

Don’t forget, Sergio Oliva in his younger years worked in a foundry 12-14 hours a day and after finishing work still managed a 2 hour workout. Tell me, what do you want? Get it.

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