Old School Bodybuilding Leg Workout

No BS Hardcore old school leg program!

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Old School Bodybuilding Leg Workout
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Super Growth Old School Hardcore Leg Routine!

No time to waste with Bullshit!!!

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Weeks 1-4

Routine #1 A (first workout of the week)

Weeks 5-8

Routine #1 B (second workout of the week)

Weeks 9-12

Routine #3A

Routine #3B

Return to week one and start the cycle again.

Full Program Schedule
Workout Schedule: Weeks 1-4 Weeks 5-8 Weeks 9-12
Monday - Legs Shoulders Triceps Biceps Chest Shoulders Triceps
Tuesday - Rest Rest Back Traps Rear Delts Biceps
Wednesday - Chest/Abs Legs Legs (Routine 3A)
Thursday - Back Traps Chest Abs Chest Shoulders Triceps
Friday - Rest Rest Back Traps Rear Delts Biceps
Saturday - Shoulders Triceps Biceps Back Traps Legs (Routine 3B)
Sunday - Rest Rest Rest
“Keep your diet free of simple sugars and processed foods. Above all, keep consistent. Maintain a diet that is balanced between protein, carbohydrates and fats at all times. Without balance in the diet, no physique goals can be or will be achieved.”

With weeks one to four, it’s important to build a strong base of strength and get the legs accustomed to hard work. These may seem like obvious set and rep scheme~ left to their own devices, most people actually take the time to finish a work like this, as rudimentary as it may seem Keep track of sets and reps and ignore distractions in the gym. Often, when you think you’ve done 4 sets, you’ve really done 2 or 3. And remember, warmup sets don’t count!

In weeks five to eight, you’re only working the legs once. But take a look at the workout! It will be overwhelming at designed to be. When you’re training one body part per day, five days per week, your best interest to hit it as hard as you possibly can. This is a super growth routine and if you do it right, you’ll need rest in between days!

In weeks nine to twelve the workouts will be a bit more arduous as you will be training six days a week. Each muscle group will be hit twice a week and legs are No exception. In the beginning of week and then commences with a much more complex type of routine in the second part of the week. This is called “muscle confusion” and is designed to ignite the muscles into growth, but it’s also great at refining and shaping the legs too.

Juggling all three of these phases of training can mean the difference between moderate growth and development and crazy growth and development! Get creative and add in other exercises that you find the best connection with. Just make sure are standard exercises that have a foundation in success. Above all, be consistent!

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Train Smart & Train Hard!

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