3 Workouts are better than 1

3 different chest workouts to jump start muscle growth!

3 Workouts are better than 1
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3 bust your ass workouts designed to get you over the hump and into new muscle growth.

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Had a trainee tell me they were having a tough time putting on some size on their pecs. I kinda laughed as he was explaining the problem to me. I told him you're training like a powerlifter not a bodybuilder. Your goal is not how much weight you can lift for 1 rep but how much weight you can lift for 10 reps. So i gave him 3 workouts to rotate through every week for the next 8 weeks to fix his flat chest problems.

Having trouble building your chest try rotating these three workout and watch you pec grow with new width and thickness.

Workout #1

Workout #2

(This workout is tougher than it looks if max effort is applied)

Workout #3

Alternate each workout from week to week and always strive to use heavier poundages when repeating each workout. Cycle through each workout for 8 weeks before exiting the rotation. This cycle has worked for everyone who has followed it religiously, enhanced or not!

Conclusion - Get off your ass and work! Most plateaus are made because people don't change their workouts after each training cycle and think that because I took time off the same old routine is gonna work. NOPE! Change brings new growth in the body more than anything.

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