AnimalPak: Blueprint For A Psychopath

Point of No Return!

AnimalPak: Blueprint For A Psychopath

Point of No Return!
AnimalPak: Blueprint For A Psychopath
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A indepth look at the world of hard as nails training, the real physco shit!

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Rainy day Mondays always get me down… Win some, lose some, as long as you're having fun…

All of these things are what I smash the shit out of with a ten ton hammer. Each day you pick yourself up by your bootstraps and light your fucking fuse in the gym. Let's face it, if you're not explosive in the weight room, then your pissing in the wind and you should expect some to blow back in your face.

Enter the Arena. Do a system check… All systems go for combat. Prepare to fire for and continue firing at will…

Decide at the start that you are a fucking MACHINE of total destruction and your path of damage cannot be altered for any reason. Remember that you are a weapon that is ever changing in physical form, but your nature remains constant.


The fight is where the glory lies, and the destination is the journey.

There are no home runs and touchdowns in our world. What I can promise you is pain, struggle, rage and true beauty. The damage. Every day I learn more about the things that make this the best sport in the world.

Don't be afraid to get on stage, take your lumps but learn from them. The day you stop trying is when its over… Not when anyone else says.

Stand on an island alone. Focus on pure strength through the solitude you feel and the brutal outline your life follows to achieve higher development.

As I have said before, when you finally push yourself so hard that you dump your last meal all over the power rack, when your head hurts and your ears ring from the pressure and force so that the people talking to you sound like a fucking cartoon, remember I FEEL THAT SHIT TOO!

I pull out all the stops and leave every ounce of my heart, soul and ass on that floor… I bleed and I will never stop till I drop dead trying.

Strength and honor.

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Thanks, Loo

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