Bodybuilding Workout: Boulder Shoulders

Build Your Shoulders in 60 Days!

Bodybuilding Workout: Boulder Shoulders

Build Your Shoulders in 60 Days!
Bodybuilding Workout: Boulder Shoulders
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Build Bodybuilding Workout: Boulder Shoulders in 60 Days! Add the width and thickness to your delts in 6o days with this concentrated 60 day routine!

8 x mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman

No matter how you try to hide it, poor shoulder development in the world of bodybuilding will sink your competitive career faster than any other bodypart!

Shoulders are one of the trickiest muscles to train on your entire body. You use your shoulder in just about all upper body exercises that you perform. Don't forget that your shoulders also have tremendous stress placed on them when training legs. Heavy squats and front squats are brutal on your shoulders. So to say that shoulders are easy to train for strength, mass, and shape is preposterous. They take a beating everyday you train no matter the bodypart!

Anatomy of the Shoulder:

Anatomy of the shoulder

Your shoulder joint is not really a joint but a ball socket held together with cartilage and tendons. The deltoid is a three headed muscle that caps the shoulder. The three heads of the deltoid that make up your shoulder are the lateral, posterior, and anterior heads. All three heads of the deltoid attach to the humerus. The lateral and anterior heads are located near the collar bone, while the posterior head is located on the scapula. The function of the deltoid muscle is to move the arm away from the body be it forward, backward or side ways. Another section of the shoulders muscle is the rotator cuff and it causes lateral rotation, medial rotation, and abduction. Rotator cuff training will be discussed in a future article.

The Exercises:

Barbell Press (Standing/Seated): One of the most favorite pressing movements is good old-fashioned standing front barbell press. This movement is a great movement because you are forced to use the entire body to complete the movement. The delts are the main muscle being used, but since you have so many other muscle groups working, the movement can cause muscle growth all over your body. Make sure to stagger your stance when performing this movement. That means keep your stance at shoulder width and drop one leg back to keep the lower back in a safe position with little pressure. The exercise can also be done in a seated fashion, but that is more of a concentrated movement than a pure power one.

Seated DB Presses

Seated Dumbbell Presses: One of our favorite pressing movements is are just old-fashioned seated dumbbell presses. This movement is great because it allows your to focus your entire attention on the movement itself. With the support of your back against the pad you are also able to crank out one or two more reps that you probably couldn't get standing up or with a barbell. The delts are basically the only muscles being used, which make this an excellent pure deltoid mass builder.

Side Laterals: With this movement, it’s easy to use shitty form and possibly injure yourself. There are a million variations on the side lateral, but we are talking about standing side laterals here. While standing straight up, you want to bring your arms up with dumbbells in hand as if you were pouring out two big pitchers of water. That means that as you have your arms slightly bent. Lead with your elbows and make sure that the stress stays on the side head of the delts. As you bring the weights up, turn your arms as if you were dumping water out of two pitchers. At the top of the movement your pinky should be up almost towards the ceiling and the thumb should be almost facing the floor. I’m talking about a 90 degree angle.

Ronnie Coleman DB Shrugs!

Rear Laterals: Next on the list would be rear laterals. While in the standing position, keep your upper body perpendicular to the floor and raise the dumbbells up on each side, straight out from the body. While bringing the dumbbells up, be sure to squeeze the hell out of the rear delts at the top of the movement. Getting a full contraction makes all the difference in the world. So like I said earlier, take it on the chin and do it right from the start. The heavy weight will come with time and consistency.

Barbell Upright Rows: To finish of a mass building delt program barbell upright rows can't be beat. Vary your grip to effect different parts of the deltoid. By taking a narrow grip you incorporate more trap involvement in the movement. A wide grip involves less traps and more delt involvement. So vary your hand placement from set to set.

Barbell/Dumbbell Shrugs: Last are heavy barbell or dumbbell shrugs. Again, with the barbell vary your grip to supply more stimulus to the traps. Remember slow and steady wins the race. With that being said you still have to attack the weights hard, day in and day out. Making sure that form is number one because longevity is everything to putting on freakish size and strength.

With these six exercises you can build some of the best deltoid your genetics can obtain. We know that in the mags you see fancy machines and cables that are suppose to isolate this and that part of the shoulder just to waste your time while training. Don't fall for the crap out there stick to basics and train with consistency. Don't miss workouts and keep your eating habits in check.

60 Day Boulder Shoulders
Bodybuilding Workout Routine
Exercises Sets Reps
Workout #1 Size & Strength - (download workout)
Standing Barbell Presses 5 4-8
Standing Side Laterals 4 8-10
Rear Laterals 4 10
Barbell Shrugs 5 6-8
Workout #2 Mass - (download workout)
Exercises Sets Reps
Seated Dumbbell Presses 5 8-12
Seated Side Laterals 4 8-12
Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows 3 8-12
Bent Over Laterals 4 10-12
Dumbbell Shrugs 5 10-12
Workout #3 Cuts - (download workout)
Exercises Sets Reps
Seated Side Laterals 4 12-15
Bent Over Laterals 4 12-15
Seated Barbell/Dumbbell Presses 5 10-12
Barbell Upright Rows 4 10-12
Dumbbell Shrugs 5 15

The Rotation:

All 3 workouts should be rotated so to achieve maximum shoulder development. Each workout should be performed in succession. If you were to work shoulders twice a week the first workout would be for pure power and the next would be for mass and size. The following weeks workout would start with cuts and definition and so forth. This rotation allows for maximum training of all muscle fiber types and maximum growth stimulation to all of them over at most a 10 day period. Over time using this rotation the shoulder not only becomes strong but with endurance strength also added. This make daily repetitive chores seems like a breeze, you know like bringing in those many bags of groceries from the car.

Give this workout rotation a good try, you'll find that it will have you wider and stronger in as little as 60 Days! Good training!

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