AnimalPak: Building A Fortress

Building overall body muscle mass the AnimalPak way!

AnimalPak: Building A Fortress

Building overall body muscle mass the AnimalPak way!
AnimalPak: Building A Fortress
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Building overall body muscle mass the AnimalPak way!

WARNING: This article is for those who want mass, plain and simple. This is not an article for the pretty boy wannabes that want to be a buck fifty with abs all year. If you want to build some muscle, some serious muscle, then read on...


If you really want to grow, you gotta eat. That is the most important thing you have to do. That low carb trend of yesterday is not the way. Carbs are your friend. Carbs are what give you the energy you need for those hardcore workouts. If you’re trying to gain weight then you need to eat more calories than you’re burning; and if you're training like your life depends on it, you’re burning a shitload of calories. How much clearer can I be?

Now I’m not saying eat shit all day. But once you’ve gotten in all your protein and you want to eat something, then eat it. Fuck, it’s the off season--it’s time to grow. Oh I hear it all the time, “I eat a lot but I can’t gain the weight.” Are you eating 10-12 egg whites and 1 1/2-2 cups of oats for breakfast? What’s that? You don’t like eating first thing in the morning? Well then, here's my advice to you... Pick another pursuit, as this one ain’t for you.

Two hours later you should be slamming a protein shake and some fruit or a potato. Lunch time you know the drill--more protein and carbs. A couple good choices are chicken, steak, turkey, tuna with rice, potatoes, yams or pasta. Or a good old fat hamburger or two will work. One of my personal favorite pre-workout meals is two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and a protein shake. Now two more meals of protein and carbs and your day is done. Don’t forget to get those carbs in post-workout. That’s the best time for you to load glycogen into the muscles. If you’re still hungry, there is nothing wrong with a little snack... Shit, my favorite is ice cream.


Now lets talk about the second most important element to bodybuilding success... Training! To use a quote from Ronnie Coleman, “Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but no one wants to lift no heavy ass weight.” That is so fucking true nowadays with all the fitness centers that litter the landscape. Get the fuck away from those shiny machines and grab the free weights. Don’t be scared of the bench press. It’s your best friend if you want a thick chest. Save those cable flyes for show time. Stick with the basic flat bench press, incline bench press, barbell or dumbbell and maybe some dumbbell flyes.

Pull those deads from the floor. I know that bar can pull the skin off your shins sometimes… So what? Let it bleed. Nothing makes a big back like heavy deads. Again you want to do deadlifts, bent-over rows and pull-ups--the basics. Get under that bar and squat--see what you’re really made of. After some heavy squats and leg presses, add a few sets of leg extensions and don’t forget lunges. Now you should be cooked. I mean when you bend your legs to walk they want to buckle. Man, I love that feeling--when your quads feel like there going to pop.

The same goes with training as with diet. Once you get your sets in and you want to try to go heavier, go. Get a spotter and load the fucking bar. This is the time of year to have a training partner you can rely on--someone you can trust. So what you didn’t get that last rep all the way up? If you got it half way you know that next week you’ll have your head right and get that shit.

If you’re doing bent over rows and you get eight good ones don’t put that bar down, pull a couple half reps. Get every thing out of every set. Never save some for the next set. Train like every set, every rep is your last. We ain’t at a power meet with a judge watching our form. We’re bodybuilders and we’re trying to get big. Our judges only judge us that one day a year--the day of the show.

You have to build the muscle all year. The only way to do that is to eat big and train big. It’s not easy to put on 5-10 lbs of muscle. It’s hard work. So if big is what you want, you have to eat this way and train this way every day. Good luck and enjoy this part of your training because, when pre-contest gets here there is no cheating and enjoying those extra snacks. It’s a different game, a whole different world and bet your ass you’ll miss these days. Make the most out of this offseason. So what are you waiting for? Get back to the basics of training and eating.

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