Bodybuilding Workout: Hardcore Arm Training

Shut the F*UP and Train!

Bodybuilding Workout: Hardcore Arm Training

Shut the F*UP and Train!
Bodybuilding Workout: Hardcore Arm Training
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Hardcore approach to building big arms!

What you want? - Do you want big arms or just think you do. Attaining truly big arms takes allot of hard work. You don't just go into the gym or where ever it is your training, and just wish for them and poof I have big arms. This is no f@cking fairy land. You are going to have to bust your ass again, and agian, and again. Week after week after week. Year, after Year, after Year.

What you Eatin? - Training on a harcore basis isn't the only thing you are going to have to do repeatedly till it become sickening. Your going to have to eat everyday, every 2-3 hours, abotut 6-7 time a day. Ohey this to will be done again and agian, and again. Everyday for years. There are no hardgainers just under eaters. Eating is the biggest part of the big arm puzzel. Balls to the wall training is important but if you don't eat you can forget about everything because you're not gonna grow PERIOD!

Your Routines, good luck!

The Train Like You Gotta Pair!

Bicep Routine #1

Tricep Routine #1

Bicep Routine #2

Tricep Routine #2

Do not slack on weight being used. Push as hard as you can each and every set. Arms are trained every 4th day. All exercise can be rotated but don't substute because they are there for the muscle fiber recruitment of each.

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Train Smart & Train Hard!

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