Bodybuilding: BICEPS MANIA

Can You Flex for Me!

Bodybuilding: BICEPS MANIA

Can You Flex for Me!
Bodybuilding: BICEPS MANIA
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Big biceps are the envy of all bodybuilders worldwide and this article tells you how to get your own!

Bigger Biceps * Bigger Biceps * Bigger Biceps!!!!!!!!

Bertil Fox doing Incline DB curls

Bertil Fox doing Incline DB curls....early 80's

Number one on the bodybuilding hit parade from the U.S.A. to Ukraine. It started in the'40s when Grimek and Reeves flexed some "mean sleeves" and now it's snowballed into a dramatically fanatic, enthralling call which encompasses us all. A pair of immense, muscularly dense 21 inch guns helped turn an unknown Austrian named Arnold Schwarzenegger into a 5 time Mr. Universe. Sure his other body-parts are built to the hilt too, but those arms are most remembered.

Sergio Oliva, with all his bulk, wouldn't be as incredible without his tremendous appendages. His spectacular bi's were bigger than most folks' thighs!

Ronnie Coleman has just about the most muscularly massive legs and torso in the world, but mention his name and the first thought to jell in your brain cells will be: ARMS.

Ninety percent of the times you scan a bodybuilder in a photo or the flesh the bicep's are the feature that he'll stress, regardless of whether the pose is front, back or side. It's unavoidable. Okay, so biceps are a critical muscle from a competition and ego standpoint and you want to get them fast.

Here's how:

  1. Train hard, heavy and quickly. Grind out as many curls as you can in good form and then "cheat out" two more reps. Don't rest more than a minute between sets.
  2. Don't overtrain! Work until your arms are pumped to the maximum and then stop. Your muscles can only take and recuperate from so much. Don't blast them more than 3 times per week, either. Don't get carried away by enthusiasm.
  3. Proper nutrition and rest. Muscles need protein to grow so be sure to ingest sufficient quantities. It doesn't make sense to work your tail off in the gym and strike out growth wise because of poor, improper dietary practices. Consume lean meats, fish, poultry and nuts for protein and fresh fruits and vegetables for energy yielding carbs. Don't over-extend or drain yourself on other activities, please! Muscles pump when you train but grow when you rest. If you want to invest in food supplements, the best ones, in my opinion, are desiccated liver, kelp and vitamin C.
  4. Use the best exercises. A categorized list of proven result producers follows:
    • A) STANDING BARBELL or E-Z BAR CURLS. Standing barbell curls were the favorite biceps exercise of 1971 A.A.U. Mr. America and Mr. World, Casey Viator and Mr. America, Mr. Universe, Bill Pearl. Quite convincing evidence of its worth.
      Standing curls with an E-Z Bar were a mainstay in Schwarzenegger's routine.
    • B) ALTERNATE DUMBBELL CURLS. This is a very beneficial movement whether done seated or standing. If you're looking for a super pump inducer try this: Do a set of as many seated alternates as you can. When you reach a point of failure, stand up and rap out a few more reps. This will surely set your arms on fire but it's well worth the effort.
    • C) INCLINE DUMBBELL CURLS. Mr. Universe winners from Reg Park and Steve Reeves to todays champions favor these. Curl the bells up together in a slow, controlled manner, supinating the wrists at slightly below the mid-range point, tensing all the way.
      If you are fortunate enough to have an adjustable incline bench, vary the angle between sets.
    • D) CONCENTRATION CURLS. Brace the triceps against the knee while seated and curl the dumbbell toward your front deltoid. This particular exercise seems to work better when performed with high reps. Do 10-12 reps with your weaker arm first and then follow suit with your stronger one. Do this in a short sleeved or T-shirt so you can watch your biceps pump and ball up. You'll love the view.
    • E) PREACHER BENCH CURLS. This terrific movement is the lynch pin of our first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott's biceps regimen. They are fantastic for outer and lower biceps. Do them with dumb-bells one workout and with a barbell the next for optimum gains. Lower the weight slowly and concentrate as you do so.
    • F) CABLE CURLS. Cable exercises place the muscles under constant tension and are fabulous for peaking the biceps. Several manufacturers market expensive, biceps isolating apparatus and, if you have access to them, by all means use them.
      Fortunately, very effective muscle proliferators can be performed on low pulleys, lat machines and chest ex-pander type pieces.
      A stupendous, though not widely used exercise is the lying lat machine curl. Lie supine on a bench and curl the pulldown bar down to the chin or neck. You won't be able to handle much weight in this movement but it will congest your muscles like few other exercises can.
      A great feature of this movement is that it provides a full flexion and ex-tension. Your muscles are under stress as soon as you grasp the bar. A close grip, hands about an inch apart, is advisable. This is an unexcelled biceps peaker.
    • G) REVERSE CURLS. These are similar to regular barbell curls, the difference being that the trainee assumes a knuckles facing forward grip. These strongly influence the forearms, as well. You won't be able to employ as much weight doing them this way, but reverse curls are an A-1 bulker, regardless.
      If you are trying to formulate an effective size promoting routine, choose one curling movement from 3 or 4 of the aforementioned categories and blast out 3to 5 sets of each twice per week, thrice if you're advanced.

A pair of magnificent, tried and certified bicep routines are:


Well, in a nutshell, that's it!

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