AnimalPak: Bulldozin

Lessons of surviving a brutal pre-contest leg day!

AnimalPak: Bulldozin

Lessons of surviving a brutal pre-contest leg day!
AnimalPak: Bulldozin
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Pre-contest leg training the AnimalPak way with Bulldog. This shit ain't for the weak at heart!

What the f---!

Carbs are low. Head is fuzzy. Everything feels like a task. Energy, what the fuck is that? I waved bye-bye to that a month ago. Bulldozin’ through every workout like a bull in a china shop. Nothing pretty… Just blood and guts. At this point it’s all about wanting it more. Light headed, feel like dropping to the floor. Can’t. Won’t. Not even an option, man. Finish strong. Push through. Why? Because I want it more then anyone else that’s why. The more you sweat the less you bleed. As I prepare for battle I am reminded of those hardened soles that have walked before me and succeeded. Nervous? Fuck yeah. But that’s good--it keeps you focused.

Pre-contest training is a mothafucker... This anxious feeling overcoming me all day… I know why… It’s leg day. It’s not the workout itself or the anticipation of the workout. It’s knowing that you have to excel, do better than last time, win. I have to kick my own ass to get better. Simply being a freak is not enough. Improvement is everything. With energy stores at an all time low, I walk into the free weight area with a stone cold look of nothing other than focus.

Smile? What the fuck is that? Fuck a smile, I have legs. Laugh or joke? What? I’m not in Disneyland. I could care less about some fucking joke. I am in a hardcore gym training to rip lines in my legs that have never been seen before. Win. That’s it. This is all I know right now. Fuck everything else around me… I have to be selfish or I will not make it. Precontest leg training. Buckle up bitch its time to shine.

First on the list of things to do is close stance stiff-legged deads. I subscribe to the same school of training as the larger than life champion bodybuilders like Dorian just to name a few. Heavy, heavy, heavy with good form. Plate by plate I work up to 405 lb. for 12 reps. That’s it, done and time to move on bro. Energy is not there and any wasted time could mean the difference between finishing strong and passing out.

Next up are lying dumbbell leg curls on the decline bench. Talk about killing hams, this exercise hits it all. Just holding the dumbbell between your feet alone burns your calves and hams. Now start curling… Yeah that shit burns bro. Starting at 50 lb. and working up to about 100 lb.--3 sets of 12 will kill’ em… Hams feeling like 2 big cramps now and I’m walking like I have a stick up my ass. I think its time to do some duck squats on the smith machine.

Duck squats… Legs wide with toes pointed out. The idea is to involve more ham, glute and quad while using the smith machine which allows you to concentrate more on the muscle getting the burn rather than balance, blacking out or simply failing before racking the weight after you are finished.

With the smith machine you can push a little beyond knowing that with a quick flip of the wrist the weight will be racked as you fall to the ground. Plate by plate. 20 reps till we get to 5 plates on each side, then its one last set of 12. 12 slow intentional ass-burning reps. Take 2 minutes to gather yourself. Mouth begins to water. Tongue begins to slide down your throat. It’s not that bad yet. You can still talk yourself through this one.

Next we set up the vertical leg press. Almost done man. Almost there. Finish strong. Get it done. This is what it’s about… Finishing strong and getting a better workout in then before. Win. This time we load 2 plates on each side at a time for each set. Set by set till we get to 10 plates on each side now, last set to go. With my eye balls rolling around in my head, I lay down under the weight and push out my last 11 reps in my entire body.

Legs feeling Pumped!

I see flashes of light, stars, everywhere. My training partner Eric asks are you there yet? I reply kinda... Just give me a second. As I slowly gather myself Eric is telling me to take my time… A minute later all better and I hop up ready to spot him for his set. While he is setting up I sit down to catch my breath. As he finishes his set I look at his face and I just know there is no one home at this point. I laugh as I see his eyes darting from one corner of his eye socket to the next. He says just give me a minute. At this point the endorphins start to take over and the pure joy of getting a ball-breaking bad ass leg workout in and finished is beginning to fuel me to get through the next exercise.

Speaking of next exercise… Can you say sissy? Yeah man its time to do sissy squats. There are many variations of sissy squats. We are using the floor sissy squat apparatus that locks you in mid calf down to your toes. First set is weight free for about 20 reps. Second set is performed while holding a 45 lb. plate and completing 20 more reps. Shit. Feels like someone is holding a fucking blow torch to your quads.

You kinda hobble out of the sissy squat apparatus at this point while reaching out just in case you fall, which is likely. Third set is performed while holding a 45 lb. plate and leaning back as far as you can to add as much tension to your quads as possible for as many reps as you can (about 18-20 for me).

Done. At this point no talking. Just kinda sitting there squirming around while our legs jump and twitch. As we begin comparing quad pain and trying to relax while our legs are saying other wise, we both agree this was a good one... Better than the last time.

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