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Adaptation is One of Bodybuildings Greatest Strengths!
By: Zach Bashore
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“Bodybuilding is not something where results happen quickly. It is a long process that can become boring and repetitive if you don`t open your mind to something new.”

Many bodybuilders get bored with their routines and need to change some things around. Two of the most common mistakes we make is training the same way everyday or eating the same foods over and over again. These may seem like small problems but could lead to a potentially dangerous problem such as becoming stale and bringing your bodybuilding goals to a halt. In this article I am going to explain the importance of changing things around and ways to adapt to change.

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There are many positive benefits to changing some basic things around. For one, it keeps you motivated to keep going because your learning something new. It also opens your mind up to different ways of doing things which will leave you with the feeling that the way you were previously doing things were totally wrong. This will keep you from believing that you know everything about bodybuilding and will make you become a better bodybuilder. Changing things around in bodybuilding is a must if you want to take your body to its highest potential.

When you train with the same equipment day after day you can become bored very easily. When your routine consists of the same exercises, the same number of reps and sets, and you train the same split every week, you can get sick of exercise and give up on your goals completely. There are many different styles of training you can try. Use common sense trial and error and once you find something you like, keep the basics the same, just alter it in a way that keeps you from becoming bored with it. You can do this by changing the amounts of reps per set, change the number of reps you do, or even try different exercises that work the same muscle group. You could also do supersets or any other training method available to avoid a potential burnout.

A bodybuilders diet doesn`t taste the greatest and no one likes to eat the same tasteless meals everyday. Just like in your training, you should change some basic things around with your nutrition plan. Carb cycle, read some healthy recipe`s, or you could even have a cheat meal to trick your mind into thinking that your doing something different. You need to understand what types of macronutrients your body needs daily, but you can also make it taste good if you take the time and learn some new methods.

Bodybuilding is not something where results happen quickly. It is a long process that can become boring and repetitive if you don`t open your mind to something new. Bodybuilders who prepare for a contest are no different. They go through months of strict dieting and if they don`t alternate some of their food choices around they can become very depressed and end up going on a binge that could destroy all of their hard work on the day of the show. As you can see, change is important not only to your body, but to your mind as well. Until my next article. Bye!

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