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Planning Help You Achieve Your Goals!
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Planning Your Next Routine!

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A complete guide on how to plan your next training routine to help you achieve YOUR GOALS!

Plan wisely, train correctly and get the results you deserve.

Grab yourself a pencil and some paper, because building your best training routine will take some detailed planning!

Building a superior physique quickly is no accident. It is a result of intelligent application of established, result producing training methods. Knowing how to assess your present development, and planning your next routine is very important in the prevention of wasted years of unproductive training.


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Planning Your Next Routine? Are you planning to change your workout? Before you start writing down your next routine, step in front of the full-length mirror. What do you see? Are you very skinny? If you are, then prepare a routine for gaining weight. However, don’t bulk up fast. Plan on putting on about two-three pounds per month. Although that doesn't sound like much, it adds up to 24-36 pounds a year. In three years, that'll be an extra 75-100 pounds added to your frame. You'll be on your way to a champion's physique. Also important, don't follow a bulk up training program such as low reps, heavy weights. This kind of training builds strength, but it will not build well-defined muscles. Train fast and hard so that all your weight gains will be solid and impressive. This way you won't have to cut down after you bulk up. You'll save years of fruitless training by following this recommendation.

Maybe you're not skinny, maybe you're fat. If you're fat, follow this strategy: Examine your present routine. Is your workout too short? Are you training too slow? If your answer is yes, then plan on gradually increasing the length of your workout. Also, pick up your workout tempo. Do not be in too much of a hurry to lose weight. About two pounds per month is sufficient. It's not healthy to lose weight quickly. Don't worry about how much weight you use in your exercises. The important thing is that you get a terrific pump on all your exercises. My favorite way of getting a terrific pump and keeping a good, quick workout tempo is to use the diminishing poundage principle. You start your first set with the best weight you can handle for about twelve repetitions. With each successive set you take five or ten pounds off the bar. This will allow you to workout fast and hard. Make sure you're in good physical condition before embarking on this kind of training.

Perhaps the mirror reveals an intermediate physique. You have fairly large measurements, good definition. However, you still need more size and more definition before you start winning contests. You read about a champion bodybuilder who is the same height as you and weighs twenty-five pounds more than you. Don't go on a weight gaining program yet. First examine your present routine. Are you presently training like a champion? Are your workouts long enough? Are you presently training steadily? Do you get maximum pump from all of your present exercises? If not, then change your routine to comply with all of the above training principles. Once you have trained like this and you start to see exciting size and definition on your physique, then you could start thinking about adding on some bodyweight. In your stage, however, you should put weight on very, very slow. Plan on putting on one pound each month, while working out very fast and very hard.

If you look in the mirror and you already see a very high caliber physique, then there's only one way to go—all the way. Scrutinize your development very carefully. Scrutinize your workout very carefully. If you want to be one of the very best, then you have to train like one of the best. Bodybuilders at this level workout six days a week for about two to tour hours each workout. Some even train twice a day. It you want to gain more weight, figure on gaining about five pounds a year. Train like a champion while you're putting on these five pounds. Always keep your definition at top level. Don't sacrifice all your definition for added size. This way when a contest comes up, you won't have to go on a diet, which leaves you weak-looking and smaller. You'll be able to step up on that podium with the maximum of size and definition. The audience will see you vigorous and healthy because you haven't dieted.

So don't waste valuable time going on to a routine that's wrong for you. Plan wisely, train correctly and get the results you deserve.

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