Make this Your Year for Bodybuilding Success

Preparation and Planing Equal Success!

Make this Your Year for Bodybuilding Success
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Make “THIS” your year for success in bodybuilding with our complete guide for achieving your goals.


How much more time are you going to waste before you get your act together? Size and strength do not miraculously appear overnight. Time rolls on; it you are not gaining now there is no rational reason to think that you will in the future. It is time to stop the bullshit and “Make this Your Year for Bodybuilding Success”!

It's amazing how many bodybuilders continue to train an routines that yield nothing. Only dreams of better things keep them going. I'm interested in living not dreaming. How about transforming your whole approach to bodybuilding to bring about success in the here and now? Young or old, inexperienced or experienced, here in a nutshell is what you need to do “THIS YEAR” if you want size and strength.

Plan Right

Size and strength do not arrive by accident. They are the outcome of good planning and organization the result of a long series of goal achieving. By having realistic goals you give yourself purpose, direction and organization. Achievers, in all aspects of life, have planned their success. They know where they are going, how they will get there and at what rate. If you neither know where you are going nor the exact steps to take, it should come as no surprise when you lose your way. Success is planned, so let's plan right. Decide on your long term bodybuilding goal. The huge majority of us are hard gainers with modest potential. Our long term goals must be realistic. At a height of 5'9", realistic goals to shoot for are: 18 1/2" arms, 48" chest, a muscular 210 lbs bench pressing and squatting about twice bodyweight. All this would be a marvelous achievement for the large majority of us. Modifications can be made to these goals according to height and natural build.

Depending on your present development, it will take some time to achieve the above goals. Now break the long term goals down into manageable short term ones e.g. to increase your 10 repetitions squatting poundage by 25 lbs. within two months. Do this breakdown for all your poundage's and measurements.

Now translate your short term goals into immediate targets for each workout. Work out goals for repetitions and poundage for each set of each exercise. By knowing what you have to do at your next workout you are likely to actually do it. Thus taking another step towards success.

Keep a neat and well-ordered training log of your long, short and immediate goals. Start a training diary. You will then have constructed the step-by-step process that guarantees success.

Train Right

Now you have your plan, you will want to put it into effect by using the most effective training methods. These methods are the same today as they always have been. The time-proven simple methods have acquired an old fashioned label. Unfortunately, they tend to be neglected in favor of more sophisticated and commercialized routines; inferior routines.

The stuff that I read about in the old Iron Man magazines and the Joe Weider Muscle & Fitness magazine's of the late 70's and early 80's, which has been pushed for nearly a century is still the stuff that is needed today. It works when properly used with full commitment. It's pure magic for hard gainers and anyone else. Build your routine around the squat, bench press and bent-over row. Use supplementary exercises such as calf raises, barbell curls, lying crunches and shoulder presses. Similar basic exercises can substitute. One or two warm-up sets followed by two to three hard sets using medium repetitions (8-12) will provide lots of growth stimulus. Each exercise should be performed strictly with the central aim of in creasing poundage's. If there is a single bodybuilding secret it is this: TO BUILD BIG MUSCLES, CONTINUALLY STRIVE TO USE LARGER AND LARGER POUNDAGE. If you use little poundage's, don't expect anything other than little muscles.

Sticking points and setbacks are inevitable. Often, we have to take one step back to take two steps forward. It is not possible to progress at a fixed rate. Some use of cycling training intensity varying it over time has to be used. Sub-maximal rest' periods and layoffs have their parts to play just as do maximum effort workouts. You can also cycle exercises for similar one to avoid staleness.

Eat Right

THERE ARE NO NUTRITIONAL PANACEAS THAT WILL SOLVE YOUR BODYBUILDING PROBLEMS. Not unless you believe the million dollar supplement companies that say they have the next magic bean that will let you eat what you want and grow like a weed. To acheive your goals you must combine a good eating plan with a good supplementation plan.

It is the total of what we digest and assimilate which counts. What we eat is only good if our bodies can use it. Excesses of a few nutrients cannot compensate for deficiencies elsewhere. Protein is very important but not all important. Forced feeding is counterproductive. It will lower your health, reduce digestive efficiency and increase your susceptibility to disease. And all that will do nothing to help build size and strength. With all that being said, if you want to grow you must eat at prescribed times on a consistent basis with enough calories to maintain and advance your bodyweight.

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To progress in bodybuilding we need to be healthy. To be healthy we need to eat a diet that has been processed as little as possible. A diet that is high in unrefined carbohydrates (fruit and whole grain products), medium (1.0 grams per lb. of bodyweight) in protein, low in fat and high in dietary fiber. Rational use of full-spectrum dietary supplements vitamins and minerals. protein powders will further improve your diet. Always remember that supplements are additions to a diet that is as sound as you can manage in your situation; they are not to be used to substitute for food.

The use of proper food combinations can make a massive improvement in digestive efficiency and comfort. It did for me and probably can for you. Have fruit at a fruit only meal do not combine it with anything. Do not combine a concentrated carbohydrate (grains, cereals, legumes and potatoes) in large amounts with a concentrated protein (meat, fish, dairy produce and nuts). Eat a large raw vegetable salad with each protein or carbohydrate meal. Keep fatty foods and cooking to a minimum. Eliminate sugar, salt, highly processed canned foods and everything with additives in it from your diet over time.

Rest Right

Muscles do not grow and become stronger while you train. They do it when you rest; if you rest sufficiently. To progress in size and strength we need to make a complete recovery between workouts. To do otherwise is like sunbathing while still being red and sore from a previous session in the sun.

How long you need to rest between workouts mainly depends on how hard and how long you train, and how capable your body is at recuperation. Only you can know what is best for you. It may be 3, 4, 5 or even 7 days after a workout before you are ready to train again. Respect your own limitations.

Many people have not made substantial progress until they reduced their training frequency to one hard workout every 5-7 days on a given body part. You may be one of them. Try it, what have you got to lose? Only your frustration, disillusionment and stagnation.

Once you reach a sticking point, where no further progress can be made regardless of what you do, it is time for a two to three weeks layoff from bodybuilding. This is just what your body wants a period of rest and recovery to ready itself for hard training to come later. To grow muscles the body needs rest just as much as it needs training.

When on an intensive size and strength building routine keep other physical activities to a minimum. Otherwise you will drain too much from your body. Once you have a lot of the size and strength you want then you can increase other physically demanding activities.

Think Right

Keep bodybuilding in perspective. When in its place as a means to improve your health, fitness and appearance, bodybuilding is a sublime good. When it becomes an end in itself, an obsession, it becomes a dangerous activity. Bodybuilding is littered with casualties, avoid adding yourself to the ever mounting heap.

There is much more to life than the limiting selfish process of increasing muscular size and strength. Broaden your horizons and get some real satisfaction from giving something to others. See bodybuilding as a means to help you contribute more to society, not to substitute for it.

We are all individuals and need to find what works best for ourselves. We need to be open-minded and willing to experiment, no matter how radical an idea may appear. We need to think for ourselves and stop being spoon fed by others. Keep within a rational framework, modifying as you see fit. Progress takes time. Patience and persistence are integral parts of a plan for success. Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Once you have your goals sorted out, concentrate on the present. Living one day at a time makes life easy. Everyone can live until bedtime. Do that as well as you can and you will prepare yourself in the best way for the future.

Review Right

Make a ten minute appointment with yourself EVERY DAY. Set a time for it and treat it as sacrosanct. This will be the most important ten minutes of your day - the time to review and analyze your day. Did you take a step nearer to your long term goal today? Were today's immediate goals achieved? Did you rest sufficiently and eat right? Was your attitude positive? If not, why not? How can tomorrow be better? Ask these questions each day. Answer them objectively. Decide what you need to do to speed your advance to success. And then DO IT.

Now you know what you need to do to start gaining the size and strength you want. Now you should know some of the main reasons why you have made so little progress recently. You can get what you want much easier than you might think. I can give you the information but only you can act on it. The decision is yours. How much do you want to be bigger and stronger? How much do you want to succeed? How MUCH? so get off your ass and lets go -“Make this Your Year for Bodybuilding Success”!

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