5 foods to avoid before your workouts!

Avoid these foods at all cost before training!

5 foods to avoid before your workouts!
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As we say here all the time: Performance nutrition is an all day job, before, during and after your workouts!

The other day I was talking to a couple of young guys about their training and they were kinda depressed about how slow their progress was and couldn't figure out why. As we talked more they told me they were going to school and trained in the late afternoon, fine. Then they told me about their eating before training at different fast food places or grabbing a burger between classes, I finally realized what the root cause of their problem was. I told them that it doesn't matter how many calories your getting in when it is loaded with tone of sugars and fat washed down by some kinda carbonated drink.

It may sound crazy but this is what kills most peoples progress in the gym. I told them some better food choices they should make to help cleanup their eating choices before heading to the gym. Very interested to catch up with them in a couple weeks to see if they are following the advice.

5 Worst food choices before your workouts:


Alcohol: This one should go without saying but hey we have to mention it because some folks may think its okay to climb under a loaded 300lbs barbell after a few drinks and proceed to black out while trying to perform a rep. All we are gonna say is “DRINKING AND WEIGHT TRAINING IS A DANGEROUS COMBINATION - DON'T DO IT, PERIOD!”

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