Bedrock Nutrition: All About the Macros

Stop counting macros and balance your meals!

Bedrock Nutrition: All About the Macros

Stop counting macros and balance your meals!
Bedrock Nutrition: All About the Macros
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What's all this Macros Sh@t?

One thing we have been noticing lately here is that everybody seems to be so worried about there macros. It I have to get my macros so I can insure that I can hit this or that goal in such and such time. This bullshit has been growing and growing over the past 4 or 5 years now, and sorry to say most of this crap is complete BullShit! The concept is a good one, just like the anabolic window but its just not a concrete one.

We hear allot of people trainers, what ever you want to call them you need to eat this now or take that supplement then, that's total bullshit. Half the people doing this crap have just rudimentary knowledge of basic concepts of training and nutrition. This shit is getting nuts! If you haven't been training for at least 5 years straight with meets or contest in mind you don't even come close to this daily BS of getting this much protein in or taking in X amount of carbs and worst of all trying to hold your fats down to 5% of your daily calories.

You have weekly totals to hit. Lets take a person of 185Lbs then you need about 1.25 grams of protein per pound and 1.5 - 2 grams of carbs. That is spread out over 5 meals a day. Don't worry about the fats as long as the protein is pretty lean - chicken breast/thighs, 15/85 ground beefs and some tuna fish and eggs(whole eggs), you're fine. So that's 5 meals a day with 230 Gram of Protein, 365 Grams of Carbs and what ever fat that comes from the protein sources. That come to 1610 Grams of Protein a week and 2555 grams of carbs a week. You hit those totals each and every week you will grow. This day to day shit means nothing, it constancy on a weekly and yearly basis that wins.

Things only adjust when goals are reached not because you lost 2 pounds last time you weighed yourself. Thats f@cking stupid, most you have not even come anywhere close to your genetic potential and allot of you are already trying to micro adjust things as though a extra dose of protein in a shake or carb drink is going to do something. You can tell we don't like this Macro shit here! This kinda stuff is not for those who have little (less than 5 years of straight training) time served, so don't email us with these questions because you are not even close to that level, be it Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Strongman, it doesn't matter YOU DON'T HAVE THE TRAINING HISTORY.

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