Bodybuilding Nutrition: Amino Anabolic

Keep your body Anabolic!

Bodybuilding Nutrition: Amino Anabolic

Keep your body Anabolic!
Bodybuilding Nutrition: Amino Anabolic
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The most ANABOLIC substance within the human body is protein - PERIOD!

The Anabolic Amino!

With all the protein we consume as bodybuilders, powerlifters or strength athletes the main component of all this stuff are the amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and they are what drives our bodies to build, maintain and sometimes under stress consume MUSCLE. Without and over abundance of amino acids flowing in our veins we don't build muscle. Can hear all the newbie's saying no you can build muscle without over doing protein its the use of drugs today that accounts fro the gigantic size of today athletes. Ugh NO!

Vince Gironda circa 1965

Vince Gironda circa 1965'

Cost of supplement$$

Ever wonder why professional athletes always have a nutritional company with them as sponsor hip in some capacity or another? Have you ever wondered? Because of the basically protein powder, vitamin/minerals, amino acids caps or tablets and some form of creatine. Amounts taken by advanced athletes can cost you a pretty penny. Don't get us wrong the #1 anabolic for the human body is FOOD, but protein and aminos come right in 2nd place. Vince Gironda way back in the 60's used to swear by supplementing with liver tablets throughout the day to make sure you body never becomes catabolic. That's the 60's, the shit ain't NEW! Building quality muscle never changes, the supplement just get better.

Top Protein Foods For Bodybuilding:

Aminos Acids that work best -

Best amino acids supplement to take may surprise most of you because its not in a drink. Yeah we know this generation loves drinking its tasty little drinks and believe all thing must taste good or their bad, period! Sorry but we are taking the best aminos not the tastiest, that means tablets or capsules. Both capsules and tablet have their advantages and time of use. 3-6 tablets of about 1 gram work very good between meals and along with them. Capsules work best before and after you workouts. 10 gram of aminos and 5 grams of creatine with a shot of apple juice after your workout works fantastic. Delivery everything you need to get you to your next meal. Main though here is that building quality muscle is very hard work and sketchy supplementation will not get the job done.

Best Uses:

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