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Performance Nutrition and Supplementation
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Performance Nutrition and Supplementation - For Muscle Size, Strength, and Power!

In todays world of athletic training and nutrition things change almost daily. It seems that ever single day a new product is introduced that will revolutionize sports as we know it. But all to often we soon discover its back to the basics that got us to where we are as another one bites the dust. There are some pre-workout, on-workout, and post-workout that work for just about everyone, with some individual adjusting.

Pre-Workout Nutrition & Supplements:

If you want to build muscle size and strength, you have to train very hard to build it. What you eat before your workout can dramatically influence the amount of energy you will have, and how hard you will be able to train. Learning what to eat and at what times will help you become a better bodybuilder and athlete.

Resistance exercise causes significant changes to the metabolic environment of your muscle tissues. Exercise also causes an increased blood flow to working muscles. These changes allow for catabolism of muscle tissue during exercise and anabolism afterwards. Because of these changes, certain pre-workout nutritional strategies need to be considered to keep your body in an anabolic state and to ensure that your body is getting enough energy throughout your training session.

The intensity of your workout will help determine what is best for you to eat. High intensity exercise puts high demand on glycogen stores. This is why a meal rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, eaten 30 to 45 minutes before training is crucial. Protein also increases blood flow to certain muscles of the body and the availability of amino acids is often the decisive factor in the body`s ability to create protein synthesis during training.

On the supplementation side of that same coin you need to make sure that you supplements also coincides with these same needs. We get letter all the time of people taking some supposed anabolic compound right before their workout when it has absolutely nothing to do with anaerobic energy or muscle energy. These should be the two main concerns of your pre-workout supplements. When you keep your thinking on these line and don't divert to some BS it easy to supplement before your workouts. Your only focus be on anaerobic energy or muscle energy.

Now you know what your focus is choose your supplement wisely. Aerobic energy consist of your carbs consumption and protein intake as well. So you may want to choose a Weight Gainer or some form of MRP shake 2 hours before training. If you train really early in the morning make the shake before bed time and drink it during the night so you have those extra nutrients before your training.

Muscle energy come for the amino acid pools with in the muscle itself. These have to be kept at optimum level throughout your day and eating as we say in this article does just that, but you should always increase or over compensate for complete muscle saturation of amino's to ward off any catabolism before your training sessions. There are plenty of very good amino acid drinks on the market that can fit this situation. Just make sure your getting at least 5grams of BCAA's, EAA's and Glutamine.

What about creatine you say! Always take yourself some form of creatine before your workout to flush the muscles with water and nutrients. We have always suggested 5-8 grams 45-30 minutes before your workout along with your aminos. This simple stack works great for most trainers. Don't complicate your supplements, that crap never works!!

On-Workout Nutrition & Supplements:

Nutrition before or during your workouts has to be simple and quick digesting. Your best bet is to stick with a piece of fruit like banana, apple slice, raisins, and some nuts. Avoid acidic fruits as these sometimes cause stomach problems.

Supplements that you should concentrate on during your workout are amino acid drinks mixed with a very good quick digesting carbohydrate powder like dextrose. Just sip it during your workout as you would any other drink. Hell put it in your water bottle. Remember this not Kool Aide it a performance drink so follow the directions. Just that simple!

Post-Workout Nutrition & Supplements:

While you train, your muscles use metabolic fuels at a fast rate. In order for physical work to be constant, the body circulates stored fuels to create fatty acids, amino acids, and glucose available for oxidation. In order for the body to recover from a training session, your body must be quickly changed to an anabolic state. The foods that you eat after training effects hormonal balances in the body in order for an anabolic environment to take place. With the rapid intake of carbohydrates and protein, the body is then able to replace damaged muscle tissue and replenish fuel reserves.

There has been much controversy over which type of carbohydrate is best post-workout. Some say that a simple carb is optimal while others preach that complex carbs such as oatmeal or pasta work just as well. According to Burke, "There is no difference between different types of carbohydrates eaten post workout and the rate of glycogen replenishment as long as sufficient quantities of carbohydrate are consumed." Still, the type of carbohydrate you consume post workout will depend on personal preference and whichever one suits you best. We know of one trainer that consume two slices of plain old white bread along with whey protein isolate after each workout. He swear that it works for him, who are we to argue.

Protein is crucial in order to keep your body in an anabolic state post-workout. Protein also provides amino acids that rebuild damaged muscle tissue after a hard training session. So which type of protein is best post-workout and how much should I consume? The best source of protein post-workout is 100% whey protein but if whey is not available to you, then any other lean protein source will do the job. The amount of protein you need in your post-workout meal will vary on the individual.


Getting enough fluids is also important after you train. Some people sweat allot while training while others don`t sweat at all. A good estimate is to have 1 ml for every calorie you eat during the day. If you have an insulin spike directly after training you are going to need another meal in a 50-50 ratio of complex carbs to protein to bring glycogen stores back to normal. Treat this meal as any other meal of the day.


This stuff may be hard at times but it is not rocket science, its nutrition along with sound supplementation practices. Don't complicate your nutrition, supplementation or workouts. Be strict with your nutrition, workouts, and supplements and you will alway continue to move forward towards your goals.

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