Universal Nutrition: ANIMAL STAK

Separating the Men from the Boys!

Universal Nutrition: Animal Stak
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Animal Stak: Separating the Men from the Boys!

In bodybuilding, the best always look to stand out from the crowd, to stand above their peers — to separate the men from the boys. In the gym, onstage, on the powerlifting platform… Hanging the big numbers, standing alone raising the hardware, when it counts.

Ultimate Anabolic Training Pak!

They bust their ass in the weight room, they labor endlessly in the kitchen, they are judged under the lights. Here the hard work is evident. There's no hiding it. But really, what tends to truly separate the men from the boys is far more subtle and these processes are taking place beyond the scope of the naked eye. It is happening within.

The internal mechanisms of muscle building are largely dependent on the weight training athlete's ability to produce, synthesize and efficiently utilize hormones, namely the anabolic and androgenic substances necessary to generate the growth of new lean tissue. Hence the popularity of performance-enhancing drugs in certain athletic segments. The more anabolic hormones in a bodybuilder's system, the better they perform and recover, the easier it is for them to grow and maintain new muscle mass.

As such, bodybuilding is a physical pastime that is largely hormone dependent. Meaning the vast majority of the physique-constructing populace could be best served taking some means to enhance the amount of circulating muscle-building hormones in their system. Either by the exogenous use of illicit anabolics like testosterone and growth hormone, taken with the corresponding legal and health risks associated, or by finding a means to optimize these hormones through natural means. Upon this premise, an entire sports nutrition category has been built, full of speculation, conjecture and hyperbole.

At Animal, we've built our reputation avoiding empty promises. For thirty years, we've endeavored to speak softly and carry a big stick, providing the biggest dudes in the gym with the extra tools they need to help reach their goals. When it came time to enter the foray of natural hormone manipulation and modulation, we developed and industry leader-Animal Stak. Over the course of ten years, the Stak formula has grown and evolved with the times, staying current with the latest research and proven ingredients. Not to lie to our consumer base, claiming that we've rendered the juice obsolete, but instead to provide potent, powerful, natural options to athletes looking to push the size, strength and conditioning envelope drug-free.

Animal Stack: Separating the Men from the Boys

Stak has been a mainstay in the program of strength athletes for a decade because, quite simply, it works. It works to optimize the output of crucial anabolic hormones like testosterone and growth hormone and allows you to utilize these coveted substances more efficiently, amplifying their powerful effects. It works to mitigate any estrogenic response to the increased production of male hormones and finally it works to minimize any unwanted side-effects that come alone with being a weight-slinging, muscle-gaining machine, keeping you healthy and your system free of toxins, able to roll forward at full speed, firing on all cylinders. Stak has always provided sufficient and thorough care to improve every aspect of enhanced anabolic hormone production naturally, with the ultimate end goal of making you a better bodybuilder. The all-new Animal Stak, simply does it better.

The original prohormone-free Animal Stak formula was launched nine years ago and stood the test of time as one of the most powerful and revered products in the industry for quite a stretch, but at its initial inception, the entire category was in its infancy. With new compounds coming to the fore and various analogues of proven ingredients being synthesized and perfected, a new, more potent Animal Stak formula was in order, a retooling of a product that already had a loyal fan following. We didn't try to fix what wasn't broken, but it could be made better, so that's exactly what we did. As you know well by now, at Animal we do our best to never settle.

An all capsule formula, requiring only once daily dosing, Stak's delivery method has improved, assuring ideal formula utilization and ensuring that nothing goes to waste. The formula is headlined, appropriately, by a powerful pro-testosterone complex featuring exotic herbs like protodioscin-rich tribulus extract, patented LJ-100 longjack, maca extract and fenugreek. This agenda is furthered by the inclusion of ample dosages of basics like Vitamin D3 and Zinc. All proven to jack up your natty testosterone output and to help you better use free, “unbound” testosterone-the only kind that really matters in terms of adding size and strength. The most powerful of all male hormones, testosterone quite literally separates the boys from the men and as such receives its due respect in the all-new Animal Stak formula.

This blast of natural testosterone is complemented by a matrix designed to support the enhanced output of growth hormone (GH). GH has countless benefits for the hard-training athlete from improved recovery, to positively augmented body composition to lean muscle maintenance while on restricted calories to accelerated protein synthesis and amino acid uptake leading to the growth of new muscle tissue. Growth is for real. That's why the reloaded Animal Stak delivers a whopping 1500mg of GH-enhancement in every pack, utilizing two advanced form of the proven bodybuilding supplement staple, arginine-arginine HCL and powerful, patented ArginoCarn. Beyond this, taking the new Stak to a higher plane, this new formula includes two extremely strong, prized patented ingredients-Immunolin and Humanofort. These rare growth factors trigger the anabolic response by stimulating the endocrine system to produce more GH while containing potent muscle-building substrates native to their make-up like IGF-1 and IGF-2. Truly next level muscle and performance compounds and Stak is loaded with efficacious dosages of each.

To complement a rise in endogenous anabolic hormones, Stak includes an anti-aromatase blend in its already stacked formula. These anti-estrogenic components, like resveratrol, calcium d-glucarate and diindolemethane, work synergistically to ensure that there is no corresponding feminizing impact when testosterone spikes in the male athlete's blood.

Beyond generating a spike in test, GH and IGF-1 levels in the bloodstream and minimizing the estrogen response, Stak also takes measures to amplify the profound impact of these anabolic constituents by bolstering them with potent ergogenics like patented AgmaPure and GlycoCarn as well as effective absorption elements like Bioperine, a powerful extract from black pepper. It isn't enough for Stak to stack the best anabolic ingredients and to pile them high. We endeavor to ensure that you're getting the most out of each and every conveniently pre-packed dose.

Finally, placing a premium on the health and well-being of the hard-training iron athlete, the all new Animal Stak also includes a restorative complex. This support blend includes powerful anti-toxins like milk thistle, Na-R-Alpha Lipoic Acid and CoQ10. These antioxidants and detox supplements work to make sure that the internal environment is healthy, allowing anabolic processes to occur under ideal conditions. As you know, a healthy body is one best suited to developing new muscle. The bodybuilding lifestyle can take its toll, so we do our best to stand up to these deleterious effects, using integrants capable of making your insides as strong as your rugged outer shell.

Top to bottom and front to back, Animal Stak is stacked. Loaded with pro-test, GH and IGF-1 substrates and complementary ergogenic ingredients meant to enhance their anabolic impact… Featuring estrogen blockers and restorative factors meant to improve overall health and immunity… Combining proven, time-tested staples with new, novel, exciting patented compounds that represent a new frontier in non-chemical anabolic supplementation… This, at long last, is the all new, reloaded, Animal Stak. Meant to make the good, better, the big, bigger, the strong, stronger… Looking to set Animal apart from the rest of the industry, to set you apart from your peers… To give the hardest training weightlifters on the planet the tools they need to rise above, and separate the men from the boys.

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