Build your Bodybuilding Nutrition Foundation

Nutrition is 80% of the Game!

Build your Bodybuilding Nutrition Foundation
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Start your bodybuilding nutrition foundation off on the right foot with concrete bodybuilding nutritional fundamentals.
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When it comes to diet, you always have to eat to grow. Don't be obsessed with the thing you shouldn't eat, as this will stop your growth completely. Keep in mind almost all the diets you see in the magazines are from the professionals or should we say professional writers. Most or almost all are the pre-contest diet of professional bodybuilders, and most time they don't even come close to the off-season eating habits of these individuals. Also bear in mind these diets are used probably only a few weeks at most to loose those last bits of body fat and not to gain muscle mass no matter what the articles say.

Become a Defensive Eater

Avoiding a food for the fear of that food will do more harm than good. Also if you reduce your calories trying to avoid the addition of bodyfat, you will be reducing your energy as well as nutrient pools which includes protein. The main thing is don't stand clear of foods out of the fear that they will somehow ruin your hard earned efforts in the gym, and derail your physique improvement efforts. Start with a new sense of directives following these three simple rules of nutrition.

Follow these simple rules and use the BedRock supplement table provided bellow to help with your nutrition guide as a helping hand to your nutrition values and not a replacement for real food.

BedRock Supplements Guide

Protein: Whey Protein, Blended Proteins, Pea Protein

Energy: Carbohydrates, Creatine, Nitric Oxide

Fats: EFA's, Flax Seed

Micro-nutrients: Vitamins & Minerals


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Train Smart & Train Hard!

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