AnimalPak: The Secret

The secrets of getting huge and strong!

AnimalPak: The Secret

The secrets of getting huge and strong!
AnimalPak: The Secret
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Total Nutrition For Size, Strength, Porformance!

You want to know the secret? The secret to geting huge? Bro, there are no fuckin secrets. Sorry. People always want that secret exercise, secret diet, or little secret pill. All the shit that works is right out in front of your face. You just got to open up your eyes to see it. There aren't any short cuts or any fucking free passes. You got to roll the dice and move one step at a time.

Everything that is good and worth doing takes time and effort. So don't waste your time looking for that secret, because you will find yourself treading water. Here is what a little birdie told me once, take it back to the basics. Basic training, basic nutrition and basic supplementation is the way to go. Let's face it the basic shit works. That is why you need to make sure your basics are covered from front to back.

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We all have different training techniques and training goals, but lets face it the basic old school exercises work. They should be used in your training arsenal. The basic core exercises have given many the results we are all looking for. There are a ton of new jazzed up machines out there that can help, but they should not replace the hard shit that works. Don't get me wrong you can use them but don't rely on them for the best results. Here are a few exercises that you should have in your training each week. To start it off right.

You don't know squat if you don't squat. This is how big wheels get rollin. The free weight squat Is a great mass builder and if you skip out on this exercise don't bitch when you are walking on twigs. I always look forward to the days after squatting because it feels great not being able to sit on the shitter with out thinking about that last set of deep ass squats. Now, who doesn't like that shit?

Deads for life. In my book deads are great for overall thickness and mass. Hands down there is no better feeling than pullin some big weight off the floor.

Bench, don't be a benchwarmer. The good old bench press is a must for developing a thick chest. The bench press should be a staple in your chest training routine.

Keep it straight with straight bar curls. The straight bar is great for overall mass--mass on the big guns we all wish we had.

Crush your skull crushers. Skulls will build you the horseshoes of a Clydesdale.

Don't let your shoulders go M.I.A. Do your standing military presses. Overhead strength is something that is earned. The heavy military press is a must in getting massive delts.

These are the basics that you should not miss out on in your training. Keep it simple with the core exercises and incorporate them in your training to see serious old school results.

Supplements and nutrition go hand in hand. These are two things that can make a big difference in your training. You can beat your ass up in the weight room and if the supplements and nutrition are not on point then you will not see the results you want. When it comes down to nutrition the basic shit works here to. If you want to gain take in more quality calories than you are burning. To lose, burn more calories than you are eating. It's that simple.

Try to get six meals per day with quality protein and some carbs. If you are trying to gain eat more carbs, and if you want to cut eat less carbs. For your proteins try good old eggs, fish, beef, chicken, or whey shakes. For carbs try to get most of them from oats, brown rice, white rice, sweet potatoes or even white potatoes. Mix it up and try different combos to see what works best for you.

Now for the good stuff... The shit that gives you the edge. When everything is on, supplements will help ensure all the hard work you put in works for you. There are a ton of different supplements out there, but here are the basics that should be the core of a good supplement program.

Hands down #1 is Animal Pak. Nothing beats a good multivitamin and Pak is the best. The Pak ensures you get all your daily needs with vitamins and minerals that you need to help your body heal from all the intense training.

Next come aminos. Animal Nitro is a good source of aminos, namely essential amino acids (EAAs). EAAs are only found in supplements or food. Your body does not make them so you got to get them from an outside source. Nitro gives you the right ratio to make sure you get what you need for recovery.

Not to be forgotten is the good old protein shake. Whey protein shakes are a great way to ensure you are getting enough protein to grow or help maintain your muscle while dieting. Without protein we would be soft little cookies.

Keep it simple when it comes to your training and supplements and you will eventually get the results you seek. When shit starts to go wrong take it back to the basics.

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