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EAAs with Carbs Postworkout EAAs with Carbs Postworkout
A Recipe for Lean Mass Gains!
By: Universal Nutrition
EAAs with Carbs Postworkout

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EAAs along with carbohydrates post workout for recovery and lean muscle growth.

Anabolic Muscle Activator!New research in the sports supplement field shows that the synergistic effects of supplementing with carbohydrates and essential amino acids aid in maximizing the anabolic response to weight training. Clinical studies performed in the recent years have already shown that essential amino acids can exert significant anabolic effects via increased protein synthesis and net nitrogen balance. These EAAs are able to quickly form a bolus, thus bypassing the liver where they directly enter into systemic circulation. In so doing, free form EAAs can quickly produce pharmacological and physiological effects such as hormone regulation (insulin, GH) and immunomodulation.

A new published study (2006) further looked at the effect that essential amino acids and/or carbohydrate ingestion play on hormonal and muscular adaptations following resistance training. A placebo group was also utilized in the study as a control. Blood samples were taken at 4 week intervals starting at week 0 up until week 12. The findings were remarkable, finding compelling evidence of the efficacy of ingesting an EAA/carbohydrate blend post workout.

Stress causes increased muscle protein breakdown that results in loss of muscle mass and potentially in muscle atrophy. The most common stress indicator is increased blood or urinary cortisol levels. This recent study found that all groups showed a decrease in pre-exercise cortisol. However, post exercise cortisol levels increased during each training phase for the control group, no change was shown by the straight EAA, while carbohydrate and carbohydrate plus EAA showed post-exercise decreases in cortisol. This demonstrates that carbohydrates play an important role in lowering post-workout cortisol levels. However, upon further examination, it is clear that the ideal scenario does not provide for the ingestion of carbohydrates alone.

Another important finding of this study is that EAA and carb ingestion attenuated 3-methyl histidine excretion 48 hours after exercising. 3-methyl histidine is an important indicator of protein catabolism in muscle. Increases in urinary 3-methyl histidine levels indicate muscle tissue catabolism. Since muscle contains the largest level of 3-methyl histidine in the body, urinary levels relate directly to muscle breakdown. This is definitely not something that weight lifters want to experience an elevated level of.

The EAA and carbohydrate blend showed a 26% decrease in 3-methyl histidine while the placebo showed an increase in 52%. Once again this shows that EAAs and carbs working together have a positive anabolic effect by blunting protein breakdown. This new study shows the synergistic effect of EAAs and carb ingestion maximizes the anabolic response of resistance training by limiting the post-exercise rise in protein degradation and inhibiting post-training cortisol release.

This study reinforces what so many weight trainers already knew-the advantages of taking in amino acids and carbohydrates postworkout, while effective individually, pale in comparison to the amplified benefits of ingesting them together. The key here is, of course, using the right aminos-in this case, the essential amino acids. This is where essential amino acid supplements like Animal Nitro and Juiced Amnios can benefit the lifter. Though potent on its own, Juiced Amnios -- when combined with a carbohydrate drink immediately post training -- can dramatically improve anabolic response to, and recovery from resistance training. Animal Juiced Amnios has the carbohydrates built right in and it comes conveniently dosed in individual “packs”.

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