12 Week Bodybuilding Summer Workout

Get In Your Best Shape!

12 Week Bodybuilding Summer Workout
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12 Week Bodybuilding Summer Workout Program designed to get your ASS moving!

12 Week Summer Shap UP!

Right now as I look out my window its cold rainy and windy and summer seems a long ways off, but I know if I don't get off my ass and start getting into shape I ain't going to look to good with this gut on the beach. So lets get off the couch and start getting in to shape. First gotta dust off the old gym membership and start really training and not going through the motions like I have for the past 3 months. Okay whats my motivation, ho yeah I gotta get rid of this gut and I love looking awesome. Lets get started.

Whats the routine going to be, can't use the same that you used during the winter bulking up, got to rework this thing so you can get into and lean out for the beach and summer. Okay the first thing is to remember you have only 12 weeks to make this transformation so the routine has to both get rid of the fat and preserve the muscle. We are going to have to workout at least 5-6 days a week and use cardio at least once a day for 30-40 minute. Since you work from 8-5 during the week this means getting up at 5:30AM for cardio and training after work. Splitting up the cardio from your workout helps the body rev up it fat burning process more than keeping cardio after your training because even thought weight training isn't necessarily aerobic it still stimulates the fat burning mechanism enough that the extra cardio after your training isn't needed. Besides going home after working out is a much better feeling than sticking around and doing something that you don't want to do anyway.

Here is the routine that I used to get into shape for last summer, it worked great for me and can possibly help you to:

Cardio: 5:45 - 6:30 AM Monday - Friday

Monday-Thursday Workout:

Tuesday-Friday Workout:

Wednesday-Saturday Workout:

Give the routine a try but make changes where you need to. I have been training for about 16 years and the work load is just right for my recuperation abilities. So adjust where needed. Its about you getting into shape not me.

Now lets talk about the diet that you will be following. Gone are all the junk food but do it over the course of the first 3 weeks if you don't you will relapse into bad habits before you finish your 12 weeks. We need to replace this bad junk food with nutritious ones that actually benefits your training. This means getting your bad shopping habits corrected so you not over in the cookies and chip aile but are over by the fresh vegetable and fruit instead. Keep your fruit eating level at a minimum because even though its natural it still contains sugar and with some fruits lots of sugar. Next we need to make sure your getting enough fiber(Yeah sound like your doctors calling) because fiber help clean out your digestive track so you can actually eat more and burn even more calories. Next we will need to take in about 1-1.5 grams of good protein per pound of body weight to make sure no overtraining takes place, because we want o keep the muscle we earned during the winter not throw it away with a bad eating plan.

Here is the initial eating plan i had when i started. I made adjustment along the way with food substitutions, but remember to substitute like for like not something you crave thats bad for your goals.



MidDay(2 hours before working Out):


Workout 6:00 - 7:30 PM



Late Night Snak:

Before Bed time:

This is exactly what I ate for the whole 12 weeks. You can change the supplements to help fit your own budget, but remember that recupe ration is paramount to getting hte most out of this program. Thats all I have for this article but will answer any question about training or the diets I use to get in shape or add size. Just drop me a line and bodybuilding@musclesport.net Subject: Daniel E.

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