BedRock Bodybuilding: Arms

Building Peaked Biceps & Bigger Triceps!

BedRock Bodybuilding: Arms

Building Peaked Biceps & Bigger Triceps!
BedRock Bodybuilding: Arms
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Building bigger balanced & strong arms!

Bedrock Bodybuilding Arms: One of the biggest mistakes I see with every young bodybuilder besides training chest way to much is training arms. You can sit there and watch young bodybuilder training arms and most of the time your going to see way to much time training biceps and to little attention being paid to triceps. The triceps make up 2/3 of the upper arm development! Beyond that you see way to many set and really bad form when training biceps. When your a beginner your arms are gonna grow just from picking up a weight but that stops after about 4 weeks and now your gonna have to learn how to train your arms correctly if you wanna see growth beyond what you buddies have gotten! Bedrock bodybuilding arms training is gonna teach you how to train your arms for size, strength & power!

Bedrock Arm Routine: #1

Biceps: Triceps: Forearms:

Bedrock Arm Routine: #2

Biceps: Triceps: Forearms:

Conclusion: The routines are not as easy as most people would think for a beginner, but both are very complete and build good quality arm mass for those just starting out in bodybuilding. There is only one machine exercise which are the press downs, not pushdowns! with press downs you try to keep the boy as upright as possible and extend the arms at the elbow pressing the weight down using just your triceps. When done in this fashion all three heads of the triceps are hit effectively. Also included are forearm exercises that effect the brachialis, plus rotations and contractors of the forearms. Barbell wrist curls and Reverse curls have built some of the strongest grips the world has ever seen. Follow the routine stead for six week increasing weights when ever possible before changing up for new exercises.

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