Discipline in your workouts and thoughts creates Efficiency!

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Don't waste your time in the gym, be more EFFICIENT to make more gains!

Of paramount importance in my life is DISCIPLINE. These toys we play with, these desires we hold dear are menacing to say the very least. Discipline has always been my touchstone and now more than ever I need it to carry me through. Did you ever watch some one you know flip flop around and tell you their new life changing philosophy every time you see them? Each time you talk to them they have a new way to conquer the world. Meanwhile they never even get their asses out of the chair. The reason for this is invariably a lack of discipline and motivation. Ideally, all you need is a clear vision of the thing you desire... Some knowledge from a practical standpoint... The motivation to put your knowledge to work... The final item you will need is the discipline to drag your ass through to the finish line.

This simple plan carried me through today and will help me blast the fuck out of all my tomorrows. The very first and most dangerous pitfall you will encounter is INEFFICIENCY. Do not be inefficient. In the gym, at work, at home, at peace or at war, make time work for you. If you’re tired, don’t lay in bed and waste the morning. Get out of bed and get your training done. Then set aside some time to lay down later in the day. Laziness breeds inefficiency--three hours in the weight room to perform 20 sets is inefficient. Twenty-four hours in one day and all you can manage is four sloppy, fucked up meals without thought to nutritional content? INEFFICIENT. Not focusing on your warm up sets, going through the motions, talking to your buddies, chasing ass? INEFFICIENT.

The most commonly asked question I get is, “How do you get big fast?” One day this kid I had seen before was in the weight room when I came in to hit my shoulders in the afternoon. When I got there, he’d probably been there for over an hour and he remained for my whole session. I was eating my post-meal in the corner and he got the balls up to ask me this question, “What’s the best way to get big fast?” I guess he expected some corny fortune-cookie bullshit answer that would push all the right buttons and he would finally figure this shit out.

I looked straight ahead and said, “By being more efficient.” He blank-stared my ass for about five minutes thinking about it. Then he said, “How?” That hit my psycho-nerve and I lit into him. “You got some fucking nerve lollygagging your ass around this weight room and then asking me something like that. You fuck around and bullshit with your buddies. You waste other people’s oxygen (including and most importantly, mine) by staying in here for four hours with nothing to show for it. You have accomplished nothing.”

After that thrashing he looked as if he might have a fucking breakdown. I said, “Be here tomorrow at 3:30 in the A.M.” Then he came alive like his momma just gave him a new bike or some shit. I said, “What the fuck are you smiling at? We ain’t going to the school prom boy.” The next day he was at the door waiting in the cold. I opened the door and turned on the lights. I told him 15 minutes on the bike, then I got on the one three bikes away from him.

I will tell you that not one word was exchanged between us that day, not even hello or goodbye. However, I dragged his ass from one fucking station to the next, with no break, until I was sufficiently stimulated. I figured he was too by the way he laid on the floor, belly breathing like he just ran a fucking marathon. We were there one hour and fifty minutes and he learned more and absorbed more punishment than in all of his training previous to this. I put my hand on his shoulder and pulled him close to me. I held him there for a second… Then I said one word... “Efficient.”

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