10 Nutritional Mistakes Holding Back Your Gains

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10 Nutritional Mistakes Holding Back Your Gains
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Improper nutrition is the surest way to loose progress & short cut your gym efforts!

“No, gaining weight is easy, but gaining muscle mass without looking like a fat rolly polly is all together another story.”


Victor RichardsGetting bigger and stronger is a hard task for any bodybuilder, powerlifter or strongman competitor. One of the greatest hurdles stopping most from achieving their goals are the countless mistakes they make when tending to their nutritional needs.

Lets face it gaining muscle mass is a hard enough task without making problems for yourself. Oh yeah we've seen people who have gained weight consisting mostly of fat and water only to have it hinder their performance in competition. No, gaining weight is easy, but gaining muscle mass without looking like a fat rolly polly is all together another story.

There in lies the story behind this article - how to gain muscle mass without putting on large amounts of fat(some fat will always be gained with the addition of bodyweight no matter the program used). Avoiding these nutritional mistakes can help you achieve the mass without the bulk.

Mistake #1: Eating to much at each meal: When sitting down to a meal one of the biggest thing most due wrong is eating to much at one sitting. We know that most trainees are in a huge hurry to get big and strong, but getting there in some reasonable shape will require that you push away from the table. When you eat to much at a meal all those excess calories convert to bodyfat. Last we heard fat don't flex, fat don't move more weight, and fat doesn't explode with power. A protein shake can be a meal. A turkey burger and coleslaw can be a meal. The point is to eat smaller portion at each sitting, and more frequently throughout the day.

Mistake #2: Consuming to many calories in a day: We have all read the stories in the mags about people consuming 6,000 - 7,000 or even 10,000 calories in a day so he/she could pack on more muscle mass. Hey we have never ran across any of these people and don't want to. There grocery bills must be sky high. Not to mention the plumbing in their house had better be first rate, if you know what we mean.

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Look here is a simple way of calculating how many calories you need to gain weight at a steady rate while minimizing fat storage. If you're a hardcore working athlete take your bodyweight and multiply it by 10-12, this is your maintenance caloric intake. Now take your bodyweight and multiply it by 6-8, these are the calories you need to gain weight on a consistent basis. You may need to look in the mirror and see if you need to adjust your calories up or down according to your appearance.


BWT 255
Maintenance Calories needed 255 x 12 = 3060
Mass Adding Calories needed 255 x 8 = 2040
Total Calories = 5100

Mistake #3: Two most important meals: When you eat a good breakfast your body is put into an anabolic state. This boost all the muscle building hormones in the body and halts all catabolic activity at the same time. Also after training your muscles and body are hungry for nutrients. Your body will suck up all the muscle building nutrients and calories while at the same time limiting bodyfat storage to a minimum.

The exact opposit is true if your skip breakfast and miss your post workout meal. All you will be doing is putting your body into a state of catabolism and tearing down what you so desperately want to buildup. It even effects your future workouts by delaying recovery and lowering your metabolic rate so fat burning is also down.

Mistake #4: Not enough Carbohydrates: We all no that protein is the most important nutrient when it comes to building muscle mass but its not the only important nutrient. No matter how much protein you ingest you will not give your body the energy and calories you need to add significant muscle mass to your body. When you are trying to add mass to your physique your aim should be 2-3 grams of carbs per-pound of body weight.

Carbohydrates also inhibit cortisol level in the body which effect testosterone from doing it anabolic duties such as growing your muscles. Thats why quick carbs are always part of your post-workout meal or shake. They will help cause an insulin spike and kick start the anabolic process. All post workout meal should consist of at the least 40 grams of quick digesting protein such as whey, 80-100 grams of also fast digesting carbs such as white bread, cab drink, tbls honey, or fresh fruit. The resulting insulin spike will help drive nutrients such as aminos, glucose, and others into the muscle cells.

Mistake #5: Not taking your Aminos: This an area of most eating plans that gets over looked by most trainers and bodybuilders. All those seeking mass should also safe guard the process. To safe guard the process one of the things we have always recommended is taking full spectrum amino acids or branch chain amino acids before during and after working out help protect your muscle by providing muscle energy(BCAA's are use for energy with the muscle cells themselves) throughout your workout and recovery.

Mistake #6: Eating to many diet foods: We all no that chicken breast provide great amounts of protein and little fat. The same can be said about fish, and egg whites. These are great foods when your trying to stay lean and mean but not when your attempting to pack on more muscle mass. Your body needs to feed and these source of protein provide to few calories for it to do so. Also eating these protein sources causes a drop in your testosterone level because of the low fat levels. We know your have seen or know people how eat just such food and no matter ho much of them they eat they want gain much in mass. Instead of these protein sources use lean red meats and whole eggs in your diet. If your eat six eggs every morning try 3 whole eggs and 3 white instead of all whites.

Another quick fact to consider is that high fiber vegetables also interfere with testosterone production so swith it back and forth between less fibrous carbohydrates.

Mistake #7: Not fully recovering between workouts: Hardcore training requires plenty of recovery time between training sessions. Even with the best nutrition plan in the world your body will not grow if your don't consistently let it heal itself from workouts. If your not growing and getting stronger even though your following all the aforementioned guidelines then you may have to add more rest days into your training schedule. Most believe that nutrition alone can conquer this problem but the body needs to sleep(science is just discovering why we need to sleep) in order to counteract catabolic effects of the day and put you back into a anabolic state when you awake. In short terms take as much rest time that is required to heal and adjust accordingly.

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Mistake #8: Missing the pre-workout meal: This should be a no brainer to everyone , but you will be very surprised at how many people miss this important meal. Lots of university studies have all conclude that you workout can be greatly enhanced with a good pre-workout meal. The best one we have come up with for the mass seeker is:

The nutrient this pre-workout meal provides will be used to fuel your workouts and spare your muscles from being cannibalized for energy.

Mistake #9: Missing your midnight snack: This is a trick that has recently just came out to the general public when it comes to building muscle mass. The name of the game when trying to add muscle is to keep your body in an a anabolic state. This becomes hard when your sleeping because as you sleep your body is still feeding so you will need to replenish these food stores. One of the best ways is to wake in the middle of the night and have your self a protein shake with Micellar Protein. Its slow digesting and will allow you to finish your rest in a totally anabolic state.

Mistake #10: Consistency: Even if your follow all of the before mentioned suggestions and your not gaining the mass and size you desire you can have only one problem - CONSISTENCY! This is the #1 problem with everyone who want to get big. Most are not consistent enough to effect the kind of change that they desire. Gain solid muscle mass is not easy work. You have to want it, and you have to be willing to put forth the effort and dedication to achieve your goals. You can not expect to just wake up one day with the body of your dreams, it take effort and time. One step at a time will move you farther forward than trying any short cuts, so be consistent and you will achieve the mass you desire.

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