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Achieve a greater degree of overall physical health!

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General Health Articles: General Health nutritional articles are just that - General Health! The articles focus on helping everyone achieve a greater degree of overall physical health regardless of occupation. These article are centered on good clean eating habit for optimum lean body mass based on the individual with the target of perfect body harmony!

General Health Articles & Nutritional Tips

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General Health Nutritional Tips!

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According to the World Health Organization (WHO) good nutritional habits play a critical role in improved health at all ages, a lower risk of diseases, and longevity. We here at want even more from our General Health, we want to be on the edge of longevity, disease prevention and oh yeah strength & fitness, so our top 10 recommendation for optimum health is a lot more strict than those for the average Joe.

Top 10 Health Habits for Optimum Health:
  1. Keep balance in your daily meals - Protein 30%, Carbs 55%, Fats 15%
  2. Eat more Oily Fish - Wild Salmon
  3. Lean Red Meat twice a week - Red meat has nutrient you can't get anywhere else!
  4. Add more Spice to your life - Spices help keep your Immune System running at 100%!
  5. Eat the rainbow of colors - More fruit & Vegetables!
  6. Consume less salt and sugar.
  7. East more FIBER with your meals - keeps the body flushed of toxins!
  8. Avoid harmful use of alcohol.
  9. Don't smoke.
  10. Check your blood pressure regularly.
  11. EXTRA: Get tested if you haven't already, be safe.

Following these 10 suggestion will keep you eating plans on the right track to extra muscle gains as well as insanely great overall health.

General Health Nutritional Hints:

  • Eat 5—6 meals a day. Sounds like allot but eating on a schedule keep you from bringing on garbage and have to start over each and every time.
  • Eat Your Breakfast! This goes right inline with what we just said, if you start off missing meals the whole day is shot because you can't catch-up on time - it lost!
  • Drink more Water. No were not saying drink this or that many glasses of water a day because that depends on the individual/ What we are saying is the drinking water helps curb your hunger pangs & craving helping your keep to your eating schedule.
  • Bake it don't fry it! If you have a choice between a baked piece of chicken and a fried one than the choice is obvious - the baked chicken. The same should be true for other food choice as well as baking is way more healthy than frying!
  • Schedule your supplements. Keep you supplements on the same schedule as your eating plan and make sure to take them when scheduled, doing so keep your meals and overall health at optimum levels with no breaks.


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