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Building an Insanely Strong Posterior Chain!

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Deadlift Training Articles: When we talk about deadlift training, we are talking about strengthening and building muscle up and down the posterior chain. From our glutes , spinal erectors, lower and upper abdominals all have to be firing at top performance to help you push/pull that damn weight off the floor! We give you Deadlift training articles that will help you to achieve your goals of pulling more weight, plus strengthening your lower back and core.

Deadlift Training Workouts & Articles

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Deadlift Training Workouts and Tips!

Exercise/Beginner Routine # of Sets # of Reps
Deadlift 5 sets 8-10 reps
Wide Grip Chins 3 sets 10 reps
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Exercise/Intermediate Routine # of Sets # of Reps
Deadlift 5 sets 8 reps
Wide Grip Chins 3 sets 10 reps
Split Squats 2-3 sets 12-15 reps
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Exercise/Advanced Routine # of Sets # of Reps
Deadlift 5 sets 5 reps
Split Squats 4 sets 10 reps
Hyper Extensions - Bodyweight Only 2 sets 25-30 reps
Romain Chair Crunches 2 sets Max reps
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Top 10 Deadlift Tips to improve your deads MAX!
Magnus Samualson Deadlifting
  • Center The Bar: The bar should be positioned over the middle of the foot. This provide the shortest path to lockout, any deviation of the path will result in missed lift or less weight being used.
  • Improve Your Grip: The stronger your grip, the stronger you will be throughout the pull.
  • Build up you Squat: One of the funniest things in powerlifting is that your deadlift will no improve your squat, but improving your squat will increase you deadlift even if its the stronger of the 2 lifts!
  • Pin the bar to You Body: Once the bar has left the ground it should never be more than 1 inch away from your body. Some lifters have the bloodied shins to prove this technique! This will cut down dramatically on the forces pounding on your lower back.
  • Make use of Chains: Try using chains when a plateau is reach as they increase the weight as you approach lockout. The accommodating force helps your hips and back become stronger as weaker point at the beginning is avoided and the lockout is overloaded.
  • Work in a deficit: Deficient deadlifting helps your with the beginning of the pull by placing you on a 2 to 4 inch block your going to working in a range extended from the normal. This helps strengthen those intial pullers of the lower back, hamstrings, abdominals & glutes to fire a bit harder to move the bar off the floor.
  • Deadlift Less: Heavy deadlifting is not an exercise that you do every workout! Deadlifting for power is very taxing on the bodies central nervous system (CNS) and the body needs ample time to recovery from such lifts. The best deadlifting progress is made when the deadlift is use in a by-weekly fashion to give your body the time to adapt to the stresses imposed by the exercise.
  • Take You Shoes Off: Just like squatting heavy, deadlifting heavy is done better in your bare feet, YEAh it TRUE! Forget about the fact that shoes put you at a slight deficit, deadlifting barefoot grounds your body like nothing else and lets you drive 100% of your power into the bar breaking it off the ground on it way up!
  • Don't 'Squat' Your Deadlift: One of the worst things we see allot in those starting a deadlift program is trying to squat the bar up. This works if you are a sumo deadlifter to some extent but in conventual deadlifting it put you in a rally bad starting position and really limits your performance. In stead on squatting down hinge at your hips and push your rear back while reaching down for the bar. This activates your glutes which are allot bigger and stronger than your quads to begin the lift, it also helps to brace your core during the beginning of the lift.
  • Do a lot of Sub-Maximal Reps: Harking back on Us saying to deadlift less often, you should also limit the amounts of time you test your limit max on the deadlift. As taxing as limit deadlifts are they do not increase you MAX lift! Your deadlift increases with the amount of work load your lifting over time. Translated: 3 reps @ 405lbs = 1215 total pound lifted, but 6 reps @ 315lbs = 1890 pound lifted! Thats over 600 pounds of work done at a more controlled weight! This is how power is built up to increase your MAX lifts!
  • No Touch & Go Reps: The bar should always come to a complete stop before another rep is preformed to make sure the muscles involved are activated to their fullest to product the most growth and development. Using the momentum of the recoil of the bar off the ground does nothing to improve your strength, it just boost your EGO!
  • Hold your Breath: Last but not least breathing is very important when deadlifting. Deadlifting causes the most cranial pressure of the 3 powerlifts. We have seen many powerlifters pass-out at the top of the lift or soon after completion because of this pressure. You should take a deep breath and hold that breath at the beginning of the lift and only let go when looked out to keep your abdominal pressure high protecting the spine and lower back stability. Let the air out as you descend with the weight coming to a complete stop on the floor before performing another rep.

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